Ezidis demonstrate in Shengal for Afrin


Hundreds of Ezidis carried out a demonstration of solidarity with Afrin in Shengal. On Sunday, a group from Shengal will head for Afrin.

The protests against the attack of Turkish forces and militia under Turkish command on Afrin are widening. On Saturday, a demonstration took place in Shengal, attended by many women and children. It was the largest demonstration ever held in Shengal.

The crowd carried banners of the Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly, Freedom and Democracy Party of Êzidîs PADÊ), Free Ezidi Women’s Movement TAJÊ and Ezidi Youth’s Union YCÊ. In addition, pictures of Abdullah Öcalan and olive branches as a symbol of Afrin were carried.

At the closing rally, Neam Elyas on behalf of the TAJÊ said the attack on Afrin recalled the ISIS attack on Shengal on 3 August 2014.

At the end of the protest, a march to Afrin was announced for Sunday.


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