Basque Parliament’s call on the EU and UN for Afrin


Political groups in the Basque Parliament have issued a joint statement against the attacks against Afrin.

Political groups in the Basque Parliament demanded the EU and UN to take action to stop the attacks against Afrin at once and stressed the struggle the Kurds have waged against ISIS.

The statement includes the following:

“In recent days, Turkey has launched an offensive against Afrin, a Kurdish region in northern Syria, trying to penetrate land by land and launching air strikes, killing and wounding dozens of civilians. This Kurdish canton welcomes thousands of refugees and internally displaced persons who have fled the war and the Al Nusra and DAESH groups. This Turkish military operation is carried out without any provocation or attack by the Kurds in this region, or by Syria.

We ask Turkey to immediately stop its military offensive. We also call for the urgent reactivation of the dialogue in the framework of the Geneva talks on Syria, involving all parties, including the Kurds.
We also recognize that the struggle of the Kurds on the front line against DAESH also contributes to European security. The destabilization that will result from Turkey’s attack on this area seriously threatens the security of the entire region. The silence or equidistance between the European Union and the international community is not an option.

We ask the EU and the UN to act so that these attacks are stopped immediately.”


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