Youth from Tabqa: We are ready to join the Afrin resistance


Members of Tabqa Youth Assembly announced that they are ready to defend Afrin.

Attacks of the Turkish army and allied gangs against Afrin Canton of Northern Syria left 12 days behind. Young people from across Northern Syria are answering the call for mobilization for Afrin and announce that they will join the defense of the canton against attacks.

Leyla El Ebdi on behalf of Tabqa Youth Assembly stated that; “We are ready to defend Afrin region and entire Northern Syria. We will resist the barbarity of the gangs with the self-sacrificing spirit of Martyr Avesta.”

Leyla El Ebdi called on the youth to join the defense of Afrin against the invading Turkish army and gang groups, remarking that defense of Afrin is for all the peoples of Syria.


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