“Most of the Afrin victims are women and children”


A chief physician from Afrin refuted Turkish reports that the army is attacking only military targets, stressing that those killed are mainly women, children and older men, and half of those killed and seriously injured are not from Afrin, but refugees.

Chief physician of the Avril Hospital in Afrin, which is targeted by the Turkish state’s attacks for 12 days, has announced figures regarding the civilians affected by the attacks.

According to chief physician Ciwan Mihemed, who cited figures from Avrin Hospital alone, 47 civilians have been killed by Turkish attacks between January 20th and 30th. Of the 47 killed civilians, 16 are children, 11 women and 20 men.

Regarding those injured, physician Mihemed said that from 20 to 30 January, 76 seriously injured were transferred to the Avrin Hospital alone. Among the injured are 17 children, 14 women and 45 men.

Below is the video statement of Dr. Ciwan Mihemed about the latest situation, with English subtitles.



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