SDF: “Three vehicles of the Turkish army were destroyed in Afrin”


SDF Press Center has announced that 3 vehicles of the invading Turkish army have been destroyed in clashes on Tuesday.

SDF Press Center has announced the balance for the battle in Afrin on Tuesday.

SDF Press Center issued a written statement and announced the balance for the battle n Tuesday in the Resistance of the Age against the invading Turkish army’s attacks against Afrin. 3 vehicles of the Turkish army have been destroyed in the clashes.

The SDF statement includes the following:

The Mabata front: Clashes that broke out in the morning continue. The enemy continued their attacks constantly with mortars and heavy weapons.

The Rajo Front: Kobra type helicopters attacked the vicinity of Rajo and the Gir Hill and Omera Hill. At noon, Turkish invasion forces attempted to enter the area and attacked the Gir hill. Fighters retaliated and pushed back the attacks. Meanwhile our fighters destroyed an enemy digger. The enemy attacked Rajo and its villages with mortars constantly following the clashes, where 3 civilians were wounded.

The Shadiya village front: Our fighters carried out an action against the military convoy of the enemy and targeted 5 DHSK-laden vehicles. 3 vehicles were completely destroyed while the other 2 were severely damaged in the action. Our action group returned to base without any damage taken. Ambulance activity was observed in the action grounds.

The Meydanke Front: The invading Turkish army’s fighter jets bombed the front while our forces did not receive any damage in the aerial attacks.

The Bilbile Front: The invading Turkish army fired mortars into the Topal, Xolka and Shexorze villages. Our forces retaliated the aggression in the evening hours and carried out an action on the outpost across from the Topal village. The outpost was damaged.

The Shera Front: The invading Turkish army attacked the Baflune Hill, Dikmedas and Erebweran with tanks and mortars.

The Sherawa Front: Our fighters targeted two vehicles of the terrorists in the Kelaha Semane front. One of the vehicles was hit by our fighters’ bullets while the other fled the area.

The Jindirese Front: The invading Turkish army once again attacked the Jindirese district and the Hemam village therein with heavy weapons. And the terrorists attacked the Til Selur village with DSHK guns.

The Shehba Canton: Terrorists (Euphrates Shield/ISIS) attempting to infiltrate Shehba were targeted by our forces. Terrorists had to withdraw from the area following long clashes.


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