“Manbij Military Council is preparing against all attacks”


Manbij Military Council Spokesperson Şervan Derwiş stated that their forces are reorganizing according to the new circumstances and added: “We will be forming military regiments and constantly training to be ready to retaliate any and all attacks.”

Manbij Military Council formed its first regiment named Martyr Ednan Ebu Emced on November 27, 2017. Manbij Military Council Commander General Ebu Emced had been martyred in the operation to liberate Raqqa on August 29.

Manbij Military Council had previously been organizing as battalions and brigades, but decided to form military regiments for a better military organization and formed the first regiment on November 27, 2017.

The Manbij Military Council Spokesperson spoke to ANHA about the new organization method of the council. Council Spokesperson Şervan Derwiş said the following on the reasons for the new organization: “We are at the beginning of the new phase. In the past, our fight was against ISIS. Our forces were organized in accordance with the circumstances of the period. But this new period breeds new needs. So our forces are reorganizing according to the process, and that is the regiment system. Our Council’s goal is to organize better and defend the region.”

Derwiş said the forming of the regiments also means that they are ready for larger scale possible attacks and continued: “Now we are preparing for any and all attacks. We have formed the regiments with the purpose of always being ready to retaliate any and all attacks, we will be constantly training. This step is in preparation for the coming processes so we can defend the region with confidence and fulfill our duty.”

Manbij Military Council Spokesperson Şervan Derwiş said, “Our efforts continue. We will do whatever is necessary to defend Manbij and its people. The Manbij Military Council will take all steps necessary to be prepared.”


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