Kurdish Parliament: Attacks against Afrin are an invasion attempt

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Southern Kurdistan Parliament has deemed the attacks against Afrin an “invasion attempt” and pointed out that the attacks necessitate national unity

In the Afrin session held in the Southern Kurdistan Parliament, the attacks were deemed an “invasion attempt”. In the statement issued after the session, the MPs said the people of Southern Kurdistan have a clear stance against the invasion attempt and listed the steps the South’s people and the government should take as follows:

“Borders between Rojava and the Kurdistan Region should be kept open for the humanitarian aid and medical equipment to be sent to Rojava and Afrin in particular.

Rojava forces and political sides should take into consideration the threats they are facing and set aside their conflicts, attempt dialogue and mutual acceptance, and take steps in achieving national unity and protecting their gains.

In this case, we see it necessary for the Kurdistan National Unity Congress to convene to fulfill the common national responsibilities. The high interests of the people of Kurdistan should be held above all ideological, party and political interests.”

The Goran Movement had left yesterday’s parliamentary session in protest due to the agenda not including the removal of Turkish forces from Southern Kurdistan and keeping the Semalka and other border gates open between Southern Kurdistan and Rojava.


As the session was starting, a group of Southern Kurdistani youth was just heading off to Afrin from Suleymaniye. The youth traveled up to the Piremagrun district yesterday, and after spending the night there continued on their path this morning.


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