Youth from Eastern and Southern Kurdistan join Afrin resistance


Eastern and Southern Kurdistani youth have mobilized in the face of the Turkish state and gangs attacking to invade Afrin, and issued a statement announcing that they will be joining the resistance front.

Kurdistani youth have mobilized in the face of the Turkish state and their gangs’ invasion attacks against Afrin, and they are flocking to Afrin to take their place in the resistance fronts. Eastern and Southern Kurdistani youth announced in a statement that they are joining the “Resistance of the Age” and said that the invasion attempt is against all of Kurdistan.

Popular support continues for the ongoing Resistance of the Age against the inhumane attacks against Afrin by the invading Turkish state and their allied terrorist groups. Southern and Eastern Kurdistani youth in Rojava issued a statement and announced that they will be joining the Resistance of the Age.

The statement is as follows:

“The people of Afrin resist heavy attacks and defend their lands, like their martyrs in history. In the framework of Leader Apo’s ideology and philosophy, the resistance continues. The Turkish state and their allied terror groups continue their attacks against Afrin. These attacks are not geared towards a part of Kurdistan, they are against all four parts. The youth flocked here from all four parts of Kurdistan during the ISIS gangs’ attacks against Kobanê, and didn’t let the terrorist groups take one handful of land from them.

So we as the youth from Southern and Eastern Kurdistan are going to Afrin. The fascist Turkish state should know that all hands that reach for Kurdistan will be broken. We as the followers of Qazi Muhammed, Kak Fuat, Hewrê Aram and all Kurdistan martyrs announce that we will not allow new Halabja’s anywhere in Kurdistan. For that, we are ready to lay down our life for the people of Kurdistan.

We are calling on the Kurdistan youth to defend their lands and their honor. The Kurdistan youth should do for Afrin what they did for Kobanê. Everybody must be shown that the time of slavery in Kurdistan is over.

We promise to cut off all hands that reach for the martyrs, Leader Apo and the Kurdish people and Kurdistan.”

A young woman named Destina Başuri who came from Southern Kurdistan to join the Resistance of the Age called on Kurdistani youth to join the resistance and said, “As the Kurdish youth we will resist the invasion attacks to the end.”

A young man named Brusk Weser who came from Eastern Kurdistan to join the resistance said they will reach victory in Afrin, like they defeated ISIS terrorism in Kobanê.



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