Turkey commits a crime against humanity in Afrin


Turkey, which has long been the first and foremost supporter of Islamist opposition groups, especially Al Nusra Front and ISIS, has spared no effort to suppress the Kurds.

In the Turkish war against Kurds, children continue to be the hardest hit by unprecedented destruction, displacement and death. They have lost lives, homes and childhoods.


The successive Turkish governments, with all its military forces and armed with the most modern weapons, have tried, for decades, to eliminate the Kurdish people, but to no avail. The war that has just started against the Kurds, which will soon expand under various pretexts, proves this point.

Afrin, which hosts thousands of refugees and IDPs who fled the terror of Al Nusra Front and ISIS, is now under heavy attack by the Turkish army. The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan began his military operation, called the “Olive Branch” against the Kurds in Syria.

Turkey, which has long been the first and foremost supporter of Islamist opposition groups, especially Al Nusra Front and ISIS, has spared no effort to suppress the Kurds.

Kobani is still in memory as Turkey facilitated the entry of ISIS to Kobani for three years and gave it full support to carry out the most terrible massacres against innocent civilians. Following its failure in Kobani, Turkey has started to spread its hatred in Afrin in an attempt to get rid of the Kurds.

The resistance in Afrin is the resistance of the era, against the Turkish army, which acts on the orders . of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its leader Erdogan, the supporter of terrorism in  Syria. Erdogan took advantage of the situation in Idlib and used it as a bargaining chip with the Syrian regime and Russia. Now, Turkey uses F-16 to bomb Afrin.

Turkey’s aircrafts have killed the refugee children and IDPs who moved to Afrin seeking security and safety. Turkey also shelled the area of Jindires and committed a massacre against innocent civilians. Turkey is fighting the children and women of Afrin. The Turkish army has stepped up its brutality towards the peaceful people in Afrin, using all kinds of weapons in indiscriminate bombardment on our villages and cities. During the morning hours of 23/01/2018 many civilians were killed in Jindires, as a result of Turkish brutal attack on the city. This attack was not different from previous attacks on the city by Al Nusra Front and ISIS in the past.

While the Turkish state and its media claim that they do not target innocent civilians during their operation in Afrin, numerous media reports have shown photographic and video footages of the Turkish bombings and the killings of dozens of civilians, including a number of children.

The outcome of the Turkish aggression on Afrin until 27/01/2018 can be summarised:

86 civilians have been killed.

198 people have been wounded.

The wounded people during the first 4 days:

  1. Ismail Al Hussain (9 years).
  2. Fadi Al Hussain (10 years).
  3. Abdelsatar Janko (28 years).
  4. Mohamed Abdo Janko (27 years).
  5. Ismail Mohamed Ibrahim (12 years).
  6. Fadi Mohamed Abdo (10 years).
  7. Hamid Batal (30 years).
  8. Khaled Abdelqadir (46 years).
  9. Hassan Ibrahim (2 years).
  10. Hamida Ibrahim (3 years).
  11. Faiza Bader Al Hassan (24 years).
  12. Dariana Mohamed Saido.
  13. Hiba Akram (13 years).
  14. There is also an unknown civilian aged 30.

Only in two villages, Miriamin in the Shera area, Diwa in the Jindires area the total number of civilian casualties has risen to 9 martyrs, while the number of the wounded has risen to 26.

The military operation launched by the Turkish fascist regime against the civilian people in Afrin region continues for the tenth day in a row.

Names of the civilians killed:

Full Name Age Place of Martyrdom Date of Martyrdom
Yahya Ahmed Hamada 11 Trenda – IDP from Aleppo 20/01/2018
Rahaf Al Hussain 33 Jilbera – Al Madjina massacre 21/01/2018
Wael Al Hussain 1 Jilbera – Al Madjina massacre 21/01/2018
Hadil Al Hussain 10 Jilbera – Al Madjina massacre 21/01/2018
Ghaliya Al Hussain 8 Jilbera – Al Madjina massacre 21/01/2018
Salama Al Hussain 6 Jilbera – Al Madjina massacre 21/01/2018
Mousab Al Hussain 6 Jilbera – Al Madjina massacre 21/01/2018
Ahmed Al Hussian 17 Jilbera – Al Madjina massacre 21/01/2018
Unknown 30 Jilbera – Al Madjina massacre 21/01/2018
Mohamed Khalil Bakir 10 Altanio – Rajo 22/01/2018
Unknown (disabled) 35 Adamo – Adamo 22/01/2018
Sawsan Jamil 35 Tel Salawr 22/01/2018
Almaza Sheikh Horo 50 Jindiris 23/01/2018
Unknown child 14 Jindiris 23/01/2018
Unknown 19 Jindiris 23/01/2018
Unknown woman 55 Jindiris 23/01/2018
Kanjo Kanjo 60 Majblet Trenda 20/01/2018


Names of the wounded civilians:

Full Name and Age Place Diagnosis Date
Ahmed Sabri Kandi – 45 Hamam Spinal injury. 23/01/2018
Asia Sheikh Murad – 70 Sheia Head injury. 23/01/2018
Rasheed Daowd Isso  71 Belbel Face, back and abdomen injuries. 23/01/2018
Zayneb Hamkalino – 40 Ma’amel Aoshagi Accident. Hit by a shell. 23/01/2018
Hussain Hassan Hamkalino  – 16 Ma’amel Aoshagi Accident. Hit by a shell. 23/01/2018
Farida Koleen – 56 Sheia Shell fragment in the abdomen. 23/01/2018
Hassan Hussain Mohamed – 59 Jindiris Face injury. 23/01/2018
Mohamed Rasheed Hassan – 40 Jindiris Neck and abdomen injury. 23/01/2018
Moustafa Abou Hamo – 12 Jindiris Lower limb injury. 23/01/2018
Basema Mohamed Ba’ajo – 32 Jindiris Lower limb injury. 23/01/2018
Aya Nabo – 7 Jindiris Abdominal injury. 23/01/2018
Jankiz Ahmed Khalil – 20 Maydan Akbes Abdominal injury. 23/01/2018
Shamsa Mousa – 75 Rajo Multiple fractions. 23/01/2018
Waleed Kons – 18 Rajo Arrived dead. 23/01/2018
Hanifa Kons – 35 Rajo Left foot injury. 23/01/2018
Mustafa Mohamed Khalof – 12 Jandiris Lower limb injury. 23/01/2018
Ibrahim Mohamed Al Hussain – 35 Mariamin Limbs injury. 21/01/2018
Bader Al Hussain – 24 Mariamin Spinal injury. 21/01/2018
Hamida Ibrahim Al Hussain – 3 Mariamin Head injury. 21/01/2018
Hassan Ibrahim Al Hassan – 2 Mariamin Head injury. 21/01/2018
Khaled Mohamed Ali Abdelqadir – 46 Mariamin Back of head injury. 21/01/2018
Hamid Battal – 30 Faqeero Head and face injuries. 21/01/2018
Unknown Matahan Al Faisal Facial fracture, right frontal fracture and right leg fracture. 21/01/2018
Fadi Mohamed Aid – 10 Mariamin Head and thigh injury. 21/01/2018
Ismaeel Mohamed Ibrahim – 12 Mariamin Pelvis injury. 21/01/2018
Jumaa Mohamed Al Hussain – 17 Mariamin   21/01/2018
Kefah Al Moussa Al A’amer – 20 Mariamin Broken ribs. 21/01/2018
Unknown – 2 Ain Al Hajer Eye injury and facial burn 21/01/2018
Heba Akram Othman – 13 Aadamo Arm injury 21/01/2018
Darian Mohamed Saydo – 19 Aadamo Chest and ankle injury 21/01/2018
Mohamed Abdo Kanjo – 27 Kafar Hamra Bruises. 21/01/2018
Abdelqadir Kanjo – 28 Kafar Hamra Bruises. 21/01/2018
Fahed Ahmed Al Ahmad – 39 Trenda Idlib Leg injury 20/01/2018
Kanjo Kanjo Al Ali – 60   Dead- head injury 20/01/2018
Yahya Ahmed Hamada – 9 Trenda (Aleppo) Dead – open abdomen. 20/01/2018
Khaled Hamada – 11 Trenda (Aleppo) Open abdomen. 20/01/2018
Hamada Mohamed Ali – 32 Bashmara Back and shoulder injuries. 20/01/2018
A’amar Al Barj – 19   Spinal injury 20/01/2018
Za’aeem Osso – 19   Back of ear injury 20/01/2018
Ibrahim Khalil – 45   Leg injury 20/01/2018



An Armenian family that fled the massacres of exterminating the Armenians by the Turks 100 years ago and found security and stability in Afrin canton was attacked by the Turkish military that followed them even in Afrin to be the victims of the bombing of the Turkish warplanes in the centre of Rajo district.

On January 24 at night, the Turkish occupation’s warplanes bombed Rajo area, and killed a young man, named Rosher Konis, and injured his mother Shamsa Konis who is 57, while his sister Hanifa Konis, 25, her leg was amputated. They are an Armenian family.

The family’s relative, Hartyon Kivork said, “Their ancestors fled the oppression of the Turkish authorities nearly 100 years ago as a result of the massacres committed by the Turks against the Armenians so that they headed towards Afrin to live in peace among their Kurdish brothers and all other peoples and sects living in the area.”

Hartyon Kivork added, “But the Turkish occupation army has resumed its massacres which do not differentiate between people and stones to commit new massacres against all peoples in Afrin to leave our Armenian family as a victim of the Turkish crimes again while we used to live in harmony in our homes to be attacked again by the Turkish state.”

The Turkish army also committed a horrific massacre in Haj Khalil village after targeting the village on 28/01/2018. Dozens of civilians have been killed and many others have been wounded. Similarly, a Turkish warplane targeted Balbala area in the morning (28/01/2018), killing and injuring dozens of innocent civilians.


Turkey not satisfied with killing civilians on a day basis, they have now started erasing what is left of the history of ancient populations in Rojava. Turkey is committing crimes against cultural heritage- Ain Dara Hittite temple complex.

Even mosques have been bombed by the Turkish army.

After the First World War between 1919 and 1920, the Turkish authorities committed genocide and massacres against the Armenian people, and forcibly deported them from their lands.

Today they are committing the same against the Kurds.

Images from the war crimes of the Turkish state in Afrin can be found at:



https://youtu.be/1i8RhX2Y5fs  – Civilian Victims in Afrin

https://youtu.be/sxi0jhOKmKY  – Refugees in Afrin

https://youtu.be/_9izLApDhGI  – Heritage destroyed in Afrin


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