TEV-DEM: Resistance will continue as long as there is invasion


Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) urged all to join the resistance against Turkish attacks and said that the resistance will continue as long as there is invasion in northern Syria.

The umbrella organization of political parties, NGOs and civil institutions, Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) released a statement on the invasion attacks against Afrin by the Turkish army and its gangs.

Calling Turkish president Erdogan a follower of imperialist Ottoman politics, TEV-DEM said that Afrin is resisting against brutal attacks by Turkish army for the past 11 days.

“The invasion attacks on Afrin is an invasion of Syria at the same time. The massacre of Kurdish people in Afrin is the massacre of Arab, Christian, Chechen, Circassian, Turkmen and all Syrian people. Standing shoulder to shoulder all Syria people resist against the inhumane, brutal attacks. This resistance of people shows their will to live in a democratic and free society” the statement read.

TEV-DEM claimed that Turkey aims to create a safe haven and settle ISIS and Al Nusra members in Afrin and said, “Kurdish people, who mounted resistance against ISIS in the name of humanity, are resisting the Erdogan fascism and invading Turkish army who represents another face of ISIS. In Afrin; women, children and civilians are massacred in front of the world’s eyes. The democratic powers, international organizations and all political powers should say “stop” to this barbarism”.

“As long as there are invaders in Afrin and Syrian soil, people’s march for victory and resistance will continue. Kurdish people will resist against Turkish massacres and invasion attacks just like they resisted against ISIS. Fascism won’t succeed unless there are people like Avesta Xabur, who carries the heart and will of a warrior. No matter whatever its price is, freedom and humanity will win. And the finale will be great. Women, youth and all people from four parts of Kurdistan should turn their faces to Afrin. This day is the day of honour and resistance” TEV-DEM said.


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