Final resolution for Sochi announced


The conference organized by Russia in Sochi with grand promises had the demand that the Syrian people “determine their own fate through elections” come to the fore, while stressing the need to maintain the territorial integrity of the country.

The final resolution of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, boycotted by Kurds and groups dubbed the “opposition”, in Sochi, Russia has a series of articles protecting the current regime coming to the fore.

In the published declaration, the stress is on maintaining the territorial integrity of Syria and the necessity for all parties to respect this. The declaration also calls for the future fate of post-war Syria to be determined through elections, citing “the Syrian people should determine their future through elections.”

But there were no clear statements in the declaration regarding the future of the regime leader Bashar Assad, and the document doesn’t mention Assad by name.

The declaration says the current Syrian army should be maintained and included the statement, “The army should continue its duty with the purpose to protect the borders of Syria and fight foreign powers and terrorism.”

The declaration points to the necessity of security forces to comply with the law and stressed that all Syrians, regardless of ethnicity or religion, are “equal”.

The participants were greeted and technical sessions were held in the conference in Sochi on Monday and on Tuesday the main part started. There is agreement on the formation of several committees, including a committee with 150 members to undertake the task of writing the new constitution.


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