Die Linke MPs send joint solidarity message to Afrin


One of the groups in the Federal Parliament in Germany Die Linke’s MPs have sent a message in condemnation of the Turkish state attacks via a group photograph in solidarity with the Afrin resistance.

One of the opposition groups in the Federal Parliament in Germany Die Linke’s (Left Party) MPs held a banner that read “Stop Turkey’s attacks on Syria, ban arms exports” and posed for photographs.

The MPs gathered before the Die Linke group meeting in the parliament and stated that they stand in solidarity with the people of Afrin who have been resisting the intense attacks of the Turkish state, wearing poshu scarves in yellow, red and green.

Die Linke has previously issued calls to stop arms exports to Turkey and the party is now taking the issue to the federal parliament. The party group has submitted official appeals to have the matter discussed in a federal parliamentary session.

Die Linke has submitted a written appeal and asked, “What is the Federal Government’s stance towards the Turkish army using German-made tanks in their attack against Afrin?” The session is expected to be held this week.


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