100 youths from Cizire region to join the Afrin resistance


100 youths from Cizire region of Norhtern Syria declared that they will join the resistance in Afrin, on Tuesday.

According to ANHA News Agency, 100 youths in Qamishli declared that they will join the resistance in Afrin against Turkish invasion after a demonstration to protests attacks on Afrin on Tuesday.

A representative from the group read a statement which read: “Today we, 100 youths from Cizire region, decided to join the resistance in Afrin. We wanted to declare this to our people during the ‘Everywhere is Afrin, everywhere, is resistance’ action.

The blood thirsty, fascist Turkey launches brutal attacks to destroy the dreams of Kurdish people and the resistance. But we will foil these attacks just like how we foiled the attacks in Zap, Oramar, Sur, Cizre, Nusaybin, Shengal and Kobane. The gangs who try to make a living over the blood of our people should know that we will drown them with their own blood. We, as youths of Kurdish, Arab and Syriac peoples, stand up against Erdogan and invading Turkish state’s barbarism. We promise our people that we will end the fascism”.

Last week after a press conference 18 youths declared that they would join the resistance and went to Afrin.
100 youths followed their footsteps and urged the youth to join the struggle and resistance in Afrin.


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