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The English media continues to disseminate the false news abaout its invasions against our people and forces in Afrin. Among these structures are the Al-Nusra front controlling Bursaya hill (Qastal) which is the target of the Turkish invasion army since the first days of its attacks. These attacks have intensified after Erdogan’s declarations.
We emphasize that the reported news is about the control over the hill is incorrect. This is the case of the Turkish invasion army with the Al-Nusra front control, which is used as a helicopter for all of their heavy weaponry, especially internationally prohibited weapons such as Napalm, cluster bombs together with dozens of warplanes and Cobra helicopters which The whole day long. Al Qaeda in Syria is a branch of the Al-Nusra frontier. It is a group of terrorists, The Turkish army with its allies tried to liquidate our forces in the area of ​​Bursaya hill, which led us to redeploy our forces in some points and continue to resist the hill again.

It is not surprising that the Turkish invasion army has failed to control the hill for two consecutive periods, as the forces of the terrorist bombardment of the region, Diseases of deaths and injuries within their ranks.

We have a lot to say about the Bursaya (Qastal) hill, and we are still in the process of resurrection, and the most glorious epics against the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist elements. We will resist until we regain all the points on the hill. It is also known as the Afghan Army, which is a member of the Afghan army.

Syria Democratic Forces Command in Afrin


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