“No solution possible in Sochi when people are under fire”


Northern Syrian Democratic Autonomous Administration issued a statement on the meeting in Sochi, Russia and said: “Russia is offering all kinds of support for the Turkish state to attack Afrin on one hand, and is sponsoring the Sochi meeting on the other.

The autonomous administration also pointed out the timing of the Sochi meeting and said, “It is impossible for a solution to come out of the Sochi meeting when peoples of Syria are being bombed with fighter jets.”

The Democratic Autonomous Administration’s statement is as follows:

“The peoples of Northern Syria have constantly been excluded from initiatives for a solution. We have always fought against terrorism so a democratic solution can develop. For that, we have always supported searches for a solution to the crisis in Syria. We have always based ourselves on the interests of the Syrian peoples, but every time we were excluded from searches for a solution and there were attempts to make us look like we have nothing to do with Syria. This approach was at a time when our people were leading a solution that is based on the interests of all the peoples in Syria. But, we continued our struggle to end terrorism and develop a democratic solution.

Our exclusion from the solution process has created a serious void. We had declared that we were prepared to participate in the Sochi meeting in Russia by the end of this month, but the Turkish state launched a genocidal attack on our people in Afrin. The Turkish state is building alliances with all terrorist gangs and using them to further their animosity against our people. They insist on creating political excuses for their attacks and have launched a genocidal invasion attack against our people with approval from Russia. In truth, the Turkish state’s genocidal invasion attacks go against the essence and gravitas of the Sochi meeting to be held for a solution. A force that is leading a meeting for all Syrian peoples can’t be supporting one party’s attack on another party. And, the ones who will participate in these meetings are those who are already party to this war.

In this case, the invitation and call for the meeting are no longer serious in the least, and in a sense, it becomes clear who will be participating in this meeting. It is impossible for a solution to come from the Sochi meeting when peoples of Syria are being bombed with fighter jets. Despite women and children being martyred in these attacks, the international community has yet to take action. Russia’s support for the Turkish state shows that they still take military methods as a base and that the solution process is in serious danger. This shows that Sochi will, like the meetings before it remain fruitless. Accepting the Turkish state’s demands itself goes against the interests of the Syrian peoples and this is a serious obstacle on the path to developing a solution.

This has become visible to all as it increased. At the same time, excluding a force with a role and influence in the solution to the crisis in Syria will definitely have a negative impact on the process. And the Sochi meeting will be affected by Russia’s stance. We would like to reiterate that in the name of the Northern Syrian administration, we are always prepared to fulfill our responsibilities for a solution. We under no circumstances accept a solely military role be given us. We believe in a democratic solution to the end. But we know that the Turkish state is interfering with this. We are calling on Russia to stop their double approach to the matter. Russia is on one hand offering support to the Turkish state so they can attack the people of Afrin with all the weapons they have, and on the other making themselves look like the party that wants a solution.

Our Kurdish, Arab, Alevi, Muslim, Ezidi, Christian peoples are under genocidal attacks. Our peoples in Afrin are being sacrificed to the political deals these parties are making. But, despite that, they attempt to make themselves look like they are the ones who defend the interests of the people. They say they will bring the solution, through sacrificing some of the peoples in Syria. But this reality cuts off all paths to a solution. If anything emerges, it will be something forcibly dictated to our people.”


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