Kefri Kar … An echo of the voice of resistance


AFRIN – The Kafri Kar hill  belonging to Rajo area in Afrin region is considered  one of the areas where the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are bravely resisting the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. This is because it is considered a strategic point overlooking large areas adjacent to the country. Occupation.

If the meaning of the name Kefri Kerr is translated into Arabic literally, the name is “the stone that does not hear or the deaf stone”, which is one of the heights of the Rajo Mountains, known locally as “Mihi Mountains” Raju district center of Afrin district is strategically located as it overlooks the entire Rajoarea.

The Stone Story

According to the people of the region, a group of people were coming to the area on a journey, one of them stumbling to a stone to fall on the ground without others screaming, although the falter called a lot, but the stones of the region by nature does not resonate that it absorbs sound without Echoed in the form of resonance, because of the widening of the surrounding patches, so named as “Kfri Kar”(deaf stone)

Why are mercenaries targeted “Kafri Kar”?

The Kefri Ker is easily controlled by the acquisition of the entire area surrounding it, due to its strategic location in the Rajo region and its height.

Kefri Ker is located about 1 km north-west of the Rajo Center. On the western side lies the Hubka village . In the east is the Maska village . It is located on the Hamaki plain, so the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation are trying to occupy this strategic area they areusing all their weapons and technologies.

Kefri Kar … Legend in the resistance

During the last 10 days of  launching of the Turkish aggression on Afrin, which launch  on the 20th of this month”January “, with the aim of occupying it, neither the mercenaries nor the Turkish army could defeat the strength of the stone or its hardness. In contrast to its habit, it became an echo of the voices of the region’s defenders. The top of the heroic and heroic epics of the summit, as the voices of the “resistance of life” rose among the stone spaces.


The stone, on which the blood of the young men and women of the Kurds have been shed, has become a protective belt and a title for the resistance that broke all the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on Afrin.

The stone will not remain the same after today, and will remove the historical shy face that he has acquired, to be echoed with all the strength of the slogans of the militants who repudiate their throats. “Resistance is alive”




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