Afrin’s people: steadfast, we will follow march of resistance


AFRIN – People of Afrin and all components said they are steadfast on their land will not give up and will follow the march of resistance to the end.EFRIN-XLKI-OI-AMADINI-LI-DIGI-CETI-DAIS (3)

The resistance of Afrin 10 days ago a major military escalation by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries amid the resistance of desperate by the fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF).

In this context, Hawar news agency took the views of the people of all components regarding the bombing of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries amid continuing clashes.

The old citizen Aslan Khalil “all of us one hand in the face and attacks of the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries, and will not give up .”

The citizen Zarifa Ismail said “Why does Turkey target us and what does it want from us?, we will not abandon our land and , continue the march of resistance to the end.”EFRIN-XLKI-OI-AMADINI-LI-DIGI-CETI-DAIS (3)

The citizen Marwan Hesso said “We want to clarify our position to the world public opinion, and the Syrian people in particular, that here we live all components under one roof .I tell Turkey that his brutal aggression would not break the will of our people and we will continue to resist. “

The citizen Mohammed Joma said “The silence of the international community and human rights is a violation of humanity and a crime against the children of Afrin, we are steadfast until the last moment of our lives.”

The citizen Hussin Mohammed Noori said “Erdogan will not be able to recover the bodies of his mercenaries who were killed by the Syrian Democratic Forces during their attempts to enter Afrin.”

The Citizen Haj Mustafa said “The Turkish occupation army must know that we are steadfast and will not leave our land no matter what it does, and Afrin will be a cemetery for them.”

Citizen Bakr Mohammed said  “We are the people of Afrin all components one body, and we will stand by our forces , we will resist the occupiers and will not abandon our soil.”

The citizen Asmma Abedo said “We are isolated civilians, the bombing of the planes will not intimidate us and we will continue to resist until we defeat all attacks on our land.”




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